Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Myriad Benefits of Silk Screening

Silk screening is a process you’re already likely to be familiar with, at least when it comes to things like posters and t-shirts. However, silk screening can be very useful for more than just those basic items even if that’s what you think the process is mostly reserved for.
Advantages of Silk Screening

What Are the Myriad Benefits of Silk Screening?
The truth is that all sorts of things can be silk screened, including metal products and items that are larger than what you think might pass through a typical silk screening machine. Hand silk screening is also beneficial for all sorts of artistic projects. It could be the right process for you whether you’re making album covers, t-shirts, posters, metal products like tins or containers, or almost anything else for that matter.

Here are some primary benefits of silk screening that makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of printing work:

·         Affordable Process
When the process is broken down, the cost of silk screening a single item is actually very low when done on a commercial scale. For many smaller businesses that make a product, silk screening helps make doing the job possible and affordable.

Silk screening is also cost-effective for individuals or small groups making items like t-shirts, album covers or even posters to promote an event.

·         Works on Varied Materials
One of the biggest benefits of silk screening is the fact that it can be done on many materials. Metal, wood, paper, plastic, fabric, and wood can all go through a silk screening machine with ease. Hand silk screening can actually be done on almost any material regardless of the size or thickness.

·         Makes Identification Easier
      Silk screening can be used by a company to help mark small parts when the identity of the market might otherwise be lost. For many companies that make parts that will go into larger electronics or other such items, silk screening is an invaluable process.

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