Friday, November 21, 2014

Biobased Fabric: Tailored for Metal Corrosion Inhibition

Metal corrosion inhibition does not have to be a tedious task thanks to Biopad. This is Cortec’s bio-based sustainable packaging that is intended to help prevent metal corrosion for a long period of time.  

So, why is Biopad the best? 
Biopad stands out as a flexible corrosion-inhibiting device that is constructed out of 100% bio-based non-woven materials that contain 66% bio-based contents. The product offers you up to two times as much inhibition as the case is for conventional VCI foams. In combination with the thin design, Biopad has a high concentration of VpCI thereby resulting in a decent material reduction of up to 94%. 

How does Biopad work? 
Placing the right size of Biopad into a package allows the metal items in context to be protected thereby leaving them ready for any sort of use. According to Cortec (product manufacturer), there is no coating removal or degreasing that is needed in this process. You just need to get the item out of the package and then put it into use. 

What sort of metals does Biopad protect? 
Biopad protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to alloys like copper, carbon steels, brass, zinc, aluminum, silver and solder. It also pays to note that it’s free of any sort of nitrates and amines. It also contains no isocyanates. 

What major benefits do you stand to gain from the use of Biopad? 
Biopad is cost effective, adaptable and also easily applied. You just need to apply the right size of Biopad on the package and leave it intact. The metal will stay protected until that time when you want to use it. It’s worth noting that Biopad conforms to NACE standard TMO-2008 and RP0487-2000, MIL-I-22110C and is tested and certified for the intended purposes. The product is still RoHS compliant.

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