Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Useful Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries While Welding

To whom it may concern, occupational health is one of the things mostly advocated for. For those working in the welding industry, you all understand the importance of protecting your eyes against injuries. Statistics show that eye injuries account for more than one quarter of all welding related injuries thus making them to be the most common. Here are 5 tips on how to best protect your eyes while on the job.

  • Use a welder’s helmet. A welder’s helmet can help protect against flying debris that can easily enter your eyes. Since there are quite a number of these types of helmets on the market, it is always good to consult with your employer or helmet supplier to get the one that meets your protection needs.

  • Use safety goggles with side shields. It is recommended for welders in the gas welding field to use safety goggles with a shade rating between 3 and 8. Similarly for arc welding, wearing a pair of safety goggles beneath your shield is always advisable.

  • Avoid reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces at welding places produce light that can damage your eyes no matter the distance. It is therefore advisable that you cover such surfaces so as to minimize the amount of light they reflect into your eyes.

  • Remove all workplace obstacles. Since you will be wearing protective gears like helmets, it might be quite difficult for you to notice all items that pose risks to you and others at your work place. It is therefore advisable that you keep all obstacles safe in order to minimize the risks they pose.
  • Work education. Having work safety training will not only enhance your workplace safety but will also help your workmates and workers stay safe.

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