Friday, October 31, 2014

6 Great Halloween Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

Halloween is a time when a business can take advantage – if they sell Halloween supplies, costumes or candy. If you don’t sell Halloween related products, however, you might find that Halloween may be a relatively slow time for your business.

Halloween Marketing Ideas
While convincing people to spend money on your non-Halloween items may be difficult, there are a few things you can do to increase the visibility of your store and drive foot traffic.

Use these six great Halloween marketing ideas to give your business a boost if Halloween is typically dead for you.

  1. Hand out Halloween candy to passers-by. The simple act of getting involved in the Holiday could be enough to get people in your store. For the most part, this strategy works best for retail businesses that have a product to sell on the spot.

  2. Decorate your storefront or business window. By doing this you’ll help to attract customers, even if you don’t sell Halloween supplies. Even some fake spider webs and red paint can be enough.

  3. Throw a party at your store or business and invite customers and potential customers. The conversation will always shift to sales eventually.

  4. Spook-ify your logo. Adding a bat or a drip of blood can give people pause and notice your store.

  5. Offer people discounts and sale items for Halloween. It might seem trite, but the simple act of giving somebody 10% off because it’s Halloween may be enough to get people shopping with you – when they otherwise wouldn’t.

  6. Have a costume contest with a free giveaway. Doing this in your store is usually the most effective, but if you don’t have space, an online contest using Facebook can work too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everything You Should Know About Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is vague term that refers to any process that molds metal into a finished product. Also, many fabrication shops can produce metal products in various ways. However, custom fabrication services are needed for unique products. 
Types of Services 
Custom fabrication services are helpful in all stages of the product development process. Regardless of whether you require a total production run of items or support on a component assembly project, these three types of custom metal fabrication services will be beneficial to you. 

The first service is the design. The design looks at the conceptualization, and analysis of the part or its characteristics. The second service is the build, or how the product is made. The final service is finishing and assembly. This improves product quality through different treatments. 

In order to ensure the best results, the manufacturing must be done properly. Consider using these custom design services. Conceptualizing is perfect for determining the parts or characteristics required to successfully complete the project. Implementing a computer-aided program is perfect for helping identify potential weaknesses before production. Custom fabricators also help with making unique production tools. Choosing a fabrication method for a project is related to a few factors that shape the product. 

Choosing the Right Shop
Choosing the right shop is a very important decision that can affect manufacturing, quality, and product cost. Experience is important. If the fabricator has an established reputation, they are very likely to give you tremendous service. Make sure the fabricator is able to form the necessary metal required.

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Be a Metal Fabrication Welding Pro

A metal fabrication welder must layout, shape, form, and weld different kinds of metal into the correct structural shapes and sizes. These metal structures are used in heavy machinery and appliances such as ovens, in addition to parts for buildings, pipes, stacks, tanks and many other products.

Metal fabrication welder - ensure quality product

Properly equipped and trained metal fabrication welders can create and perfect high quality products over a number of industries and businesses. As with any highly skilled professions, there are rigorous skills that need to be mastered to be successful. In order to become a metal fabrication welder, one must have a few prerequisite skills:
  • Expert fabrication welding professionals can create and assemble structural metal products and prepare blueprints as needed. Trained professionals need to be able to use triangulation, parallel line development, and radial line development to lay out the designs for a product.
  • Professional welders must know the physical properties of the metal they are working with and how to figure the stock needed when calibrating a machine to fabricate parts. Using the fabrication equipment properly is a basic tenet of professional metal fabrication welders.
  • A professional welder must handle shears, press brakes, rollers, lasers, abrasive water jet cutting machines, and automatic welding machines. Using these tools effectively to fabricate products involves a high degree of understanding of basic trade mathematics such as trigonometry and geometry.
  • Welders have to be able to perform intricate work production of sheet metal cabinets, shelving, pipes, ducts, etc. These metal products are difficult to fabricate due to the attention to detail they may require.
  • Welders must also have at least a basic understanding of blueprint reading, welding symbols, sketching, and metallurgy. Skilled professional welders must be able to create and read blueprints in order to understand what product they are fabricating and for what purpose.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Metal Fabrication: Assurance of Quality Products

Metal Fabrication involves bending, cutting, and assembling metal structures from various parts and pieces. The actual process of cutting the metal happens through the act of shearing or sawing. It can also be accomplished through laser cutting or punching.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Laser Cutting System: Adding Value to Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting has risen to become one of the most popular technological solutions offered by metal fabrication firms. Through its performance and reliability, laser cutting has become a valuable tool in regards to production. Laser cutting is also regarded as a time saving and cost effective method. This increasingly popular method known as laser cutting provides many benefits to customers.