Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4 Common Mistakes That Impede Successful Product Design

Product design involves contribution from several quarters and thus there are a number of pitfalls that can be encountered in the process. Understanding some of the common mistakes that impede successful product design can make a whole difference to you and thus save you time and money. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid.
  • Product design
    Self-centering your product. This is a common practice among many people though it’s a vice that should be totally discouraged. While designing your product, you ought to understand that you will not be the only one using it and thus you should have other peoples’ views incorporated for a better final output.
  • Prioritizing on product features. This is another grave mistake committed by most people while designing their product(s). They focus so much on adding too many features on their product(s) thinking that they will impress the user(s) only to achieve the contrary. The best thing to do is to develop the initial version of your product then build on it with time based on the user feedback you receive. This will help you come up with user-friendly features.
  • Lack of collaboration. Though your financial muscle might be less powerful as you start, you should not have one person doing everything so as to lower your budget. This will only lower the quality of your final product due to lack of solid views and specialty that others can contribute.
  • Copying. This is where the trap lies. After conceiving your product idea, you might come across other products that are closely related to yours and see it as an opportunity for you to steal ideas from them. This can only add problems to you because without proper strategy and real data on how to add the “stolen ideas”, you will end up producing undesirable product(s).

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